Strength and mobility training using only your own body weight, plus minimal equipment.

Our fundamentals class is designed to balance and fortify the foundation of your body.

Inspired by gymnastics, calisthenics and hand balancing, we teach you how to learn to use and control your most trusty tool – your own body.

Being proficient in these movements at even foundation level is enormously beneficial to everyone to stand longevity in your training and everyday life.


Building true strength and resilience throughout the body.

This class is focused on the most fundamental strength and mobility elements, this class will take you through a mix of both upper & lower body.

This class is designed to build a solid level of strength throughout your upper body, lower body or both using barbells, free weights and bodyweight.

You will be following a structured periodised programme, working through progressions and variations using different loading strategies over 6 week training blocks.


Our SWEAT classes are a sweaty, full body workout.

Expect a higher intensity with shorter intermittent breaks.

We cover a wide range of strength and movement basics. Utilising a variety of bodyweight, weightlifting and conditioning techniques to create a solid workout that will push the limits of your strength and conditioning.

Our conditioning classes will always prioritise technique with quality over quantity.We measure progress by the quality of movement, not the speed of completion.We want you feeling energised by your effort, not depleted by it.